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Congratulations for considering Al Schaefer for your next vehicle purchase. Our inventory of late model cars and trucks has been expertly chosen to provide you with an affordable, smart alternative to buying a brand new car.

With few exceptions, new automobiles depreciate from the moment they leave a dealer's lot. The worst hit on value usually occurs early in a vehicle's life, often in the first couple of years. That new car your neighbor purchased a few weeks ago? It's now a used car, the same as the inventory you can check out here, today. Your purchase of a late model used car or truck from Al Schaefer allows you to enjoy a comparable vehicle at a huge savings over new.

Most of our vehicles are acquired directly from manufacturers, leasing companies and financial institutions, after initial lease terms expire, usually when a car is only 12-48 months old. Other sources include: new car dealer trade-ins; company fleet vehicles; and, directly from the public. If you'd like to know how we obtained a particular car in our current inventory, just ask. 

Since first entering the car business in 1984, I have enjoyed finding above average, quality vehicles. For many people though, car shopping is a chore - or worse. It doesn't need to be. At Al Schaefer, you will always be treated fairly, respectfully and honestly. I won't sell you a car, I'll help you buy one. Stop in and see for yourself.

Al Schaefer, Used car dealer, Gowanda, NY

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